How to Wash Cars in a Proper Safe Way?

How to Wash Cars in a Proper Safe Way?

Be careful!The things you need to pay attention before car wash:

  1. If the stains and contaminants on the car surface like gravel and sand are not softened and dissolved sufficiently, it may lead to leave vortex scratches on the car paint under the pressure of washer machine.
  2. The towels with poor quality and hard texture could also leave scratches on the car paint. It’s essential to wipe with a soft microfiber towel.
  3. Make sure that the formula of the car wash shampoo is pH-balanced and surface-friendly.
  4. Avoid direct sunlight.

Let’s start the process of DIY car wash:  

  1. Dilute a bottle of bubble water to soak wash mitt. Namely, fill a detailing bucket up with 3-5 gallons water (recommend) and then mix it with Philisn car wash shampoo.

  2. Secondly, spray the car body with the electric pressure washer machine or water pipe in your garden. Notice that you may need to control the hydraulic pressure properly to avoid that it harms car paint.
  1. Next, add the Philisn car wash shampoo into your foam cannon or a pump sprayer and spray the car body overall, forming a layer of rich thick foam on its surface. After the sediments on car paint are fully dissolved within 3-5 minutes, chemical reaction will be triggered between Philisn car wash shampoo and those dirty stains and the exert a powerful cleaning influence.
  1. Rinse out the foams on car body with electric pressure washer machine or water pipe because they are attached with the residue after dissolution. Then spray a layer of foam on car surface again, and wipe up the dirt and stains on the car paint with dreadlock microfiber wash mitt, which does good job in absorbing water and obliterating dirt, dust from your car surface in a sensitive, gentle way and can help you clean up every corner of your car in a easily manner.

  2. Please remember to wash the car body from the top to the bottom. Otherwise, the cleaning is invalid because the water on car body flows from the top to bottom. If you wash the bottom part at first, the water and bubble from the top will contaminate the place you have washed. Finally, wash the front bumper of car which is the most difficult part to wash. The front bumper is prone to be covered with dirties, road grime in the driving process. Hence, you may need to prepare enough time to clean the stains attached in the front bumper.

  3. You’d better not wipe car body with a glove and towel circularly. Instead, you just need to rub and apply naturally and straightly. The former method is generally adopted while the straight-line cleaning is actually more favorable and effective for cleaning.

  4. Wash your wheel hubs with another glove. Wheel hubs are most accessible to the various stains on the road surface. Nonetheless, Philisn tire care kit will be a good helper for your wheel hubs.

  5. After the washing process finished, dry your car body with a microfiber towel sequentially: wipe windows first because there are often water spots on window glass; then wipe car paint and eventually wheel hubs.

  6. Apply wax on the surface of car paint in different areas. Then wax the car body vortically with a sponge applicator pad, finally wipe off the redundant wax on the surface with microfiber towel for a better brightness. Polish with a layer of ceramic coating that is beneficial to smoothen the swirls and scratches on the car paint, thereby reaching a glossy surface and a highly brilliant finish.

  7. Use a professional handle dryer & blower to totally rid your car of any standing water, or you can just leave it naturally dried in the air. So far, the car wash is over!