5 Tips for Detailing Your Car

5 Tips for Detailing Your Car

Do you love the look of a freshly detailed car? There's nothing that can turn heads like a beautifully waxed and shiny vehicle.
But, keeping your car looking its best isn't always easy. The first step is to invest in high-quality detailing products, but there are other ways to keep your car shining.

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Read on for some tips from an experienced detailer!

1. Wash your car regularly to remove dirt and grime
One of the most important things you can do is wash your vehicle regularly. It’s necessary to prepare a car wash shampoo in your back trunk so that you could take a quick detailing anytime anywhere.
This will remove dirt and grime that has accumulated on the exterior surfaces of your car, as well as any bug droppings or bird poop that may have impacted its surface.
Regular washing also helps preserve a shine on your paint job by removing harmful substances like salt and other minerals from rainwater so they don't seep into pores in the paint and cause corrosion.
Another thing you should consider doing at least once every few months is getting a professional detail done for all those hard-to-reach places where bugs congregate, like the grill, bumpers, and rocker panels.

2. Use a clay bar to get rid of any embedded contaminants on the surface
The clay bar is a great way to get rid of any embedded contaminants on the surface of your car. It's easy and quick, and it lasts for years!
-Use caution when using the clay bar as it can be very slippery to use.
-Start by applying small amounts of lubricant to the paint. This will help you glide more easily over the surface without scratching anything.
-Work in straight lines across one section at a time, then move on to another section until complete.

3. Polish with a wax or sealant for protection against the elements
A good polish will protect your car from water spots, bird droppings, bugs, tree sap and other environmental hazards that can damage the finish of your vehicle.
However, if you have deep scratches in the paint it may be necessary to use a touch up pen or even consider purchasing an entirely new coat of paint to cover up those blemishes.
Once you've polished your vehicle make sure not to let any liquids get on the surface as it will cause oxidation which will result in rusting and corrosion down the road.

4. Clean out your car's interior by removing old trash, shoes, and clothes from the backseat
It's time to clean out your car. Remove any old trash, shoes, and clothes from the car interior.
Now it's time for you to take care of that dirty exterior with a good wash!
Give that paint job some love by washing away all those dirt stains and bird droppings that have accumulated over the last few months (or years).
Follow up with an easy-to-apply wax or sealant to protect your vehicle against future damage like oxidation or corrosion. But hold on tight!
Don't forget about all those hard surfaces inside your vehicle like dashboard, center console, door panels, etc.

5. Detail your engine bay with oil additives that will make it look shiny and new again
If you want to keep your car looking shiny and new, there are a number of things that you can do.
The first step is to wash the engine bay with soap and water. If needed, use a degreaser or other cleaning agent, but be sure to rinse it off completely before moving on.
Next, cover the area with an oil additive that will make it look like new again!
Finally, spray detailers onto the surface in small sections at a time and wipe clean for a perfect finish.

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