How-To Guide of Philisn Car Wash Starter Kit

How-To Guide of Philisn Car Wash Starter Kit

How to use Philisn Car Wash Starter Kit to detail your car?

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1.Preparing Works

  1. To prevent direct sunlight, park the car in a shady area. It might be in your garage or under the shade of a tree in your garden. In this way, the car wash shampoo [LUXURIOUS SUDS] in the Philisn Car Wash Starter Kit will not dry out on your car surface too soon, avoiding leaving water spots.
  2. When using the water gun, ensure that all windows are closed to stop water from entering the vehicle interior and harming the electrical equipment inside.

2. Preparing Car Wash Tools & Accessories

Prepare all of the required tools, accessories, and car cleaning equipment, including:

  • Philisn Car Wash Starter Kit
  • 1 Water Pipe
  • 2-3 Detailing Buckets
  • 1 Electric Pressure Washer Machine
  • 1 Philisn Polymer Large-light Sponge Pad
  • 1 Philisn Dreadlocks Microfiber Wash Mitt
  • 1 Soft Interior Detailing Brush
  • 1 Soft Detailing Brush for Wheel & Hub
  • 1 Hard Tire Brush
  • 2-3 Microfiber Towels (for car body water absorption and drying)

3. Mixing the Car Wash Fluid

Fill one bucket with water and Philisn car wash shampoo, and the other with clean water for future use.

4.Car Pre-wash Process

Using an electric pressure washer machine, evenly spray the mixed Philisn car wash soap over your car surface. Wait a few minutes for the mixed liquid to dissolve the sediment and stains on the car's surface. Then rinse the foam combined sediment and stains with clean water.

5. Car Wash, Wheels & Tires Clean

a) The car wash liquid should be sprayed on your car.

b) First and foremost, let's clean the wheels and tires of the car since these are often the dirtiest parts. We use the soft detailing brush to clean the wheels and hubs after washing them with car wash shampoo. The hub screws and the brake dust on the wheel, which are difficult to clean, should be given special attention. A soft detailing brush should be used to clean the wheel hub screws and brake dust. You can also use our one-of-a-kind Dreadlocks Microfiber Wash Mitt to clean areas difficult to reach with the tire brush and other cleaning tools.

c) You can use Philisn Dreadlocks Microfiber Wash Mitt and Philisn Polymer Large-light Sponge Pad to wash the body of your car after you have done tires & wheels cleaning. It is not recommended to use a bristle brush on the car body since it will damage the paintwork of your vehicle. Also, remember to wash your mitt when it becomes soiled with too much sediment to avoid sand from damaging your vehicle's paint.

After cleaning all of the parts, you can use the electric pressure washer machine to rinse off any remaining foam.

6. Wipe Up Water Spots on the Car Surface

After cleaning the car body with clean water, use the Miracle Dryer Microfiber Towel to absorb any remaining water stains. If any wet spots are left on the vehicle body, the following car cleaning procedure will be affected. If water droplets are left on the vehicle body after drying, water spots develop, which are harmful to the car paint and appear ugly in the sun. To absorb water from the car body, use a few more microfiber towels. Make careful to wipe the watermarks off of the car to avoid leaving water spots that will damage the paint.

7. Car Paint Protection

Take out the Philisn Quick Shine Liquid Wax and evenly spray it over the car paint surface after wiping off every water. Then use a sponge to polish it in a clockwise direction, slowly making your way through each area. Finally, using a clean microfiber towel, wipe off the whole car paint to remove any excess wax protcant.

You'll find your car gleaming and sparkling like new after following all of the instructions!

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