The best 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

The best 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

L34 402

The Engine:
An L34 402 urged this car off the assembly line 49 years ago. Yancy Shepard atYancy's Automotive in Smithville, MO, freshened it up. Externally, it's stock, but internally it's a different story. Yancy suggested a Howards roller-tappet cam with .555-inch lift and 227-/235-degrees duration at .050-inch lift, COMP Magnum roller rockers, and Federal-Mogul forged pistons.
And This is the cleanest engine bay I've ever seen.


When we say the engine is stock externally, we mean it: It still breathes through a Quadrajet, iron intake, and iron exhaust manifolds. Those feed a Pypes dual 2.5-inch exhaust made from 409-series mandrel bends, an X-pipe, and StreetPro mufflers.

An HEI-style MSD Streetfire ignition and MSD wires help the plugs light off the mixture a little more consistently than the points ignition it replaced.

Jim blames the Muncie shifter for the neutral where second gear once lived in the car's original M-21. In 1988 Comish replaced that trans with another M-21, this one with a more robust Hurst Competition Plus shifter. The late Wayne "Mr. Four-Speed" Euper freshened it up for this go-round. Yancy's Automotive rebuilt the 12-bolt axle with the stock 3.31:1 gear and Positraction carrier.


GM's front disc brakes from the period work respectably even by today's standards and it's not likely that anyone is going to put this car into a position where brakes would make or break it, so the factory front discs and matching rear drums remain.

Year One 17x8 and 17x9 wheels resemble the SS396 wheels, only larger and in aluminum. They wear BF Goodrich G-Force Sport Comp-2, 245/45ZR17 and 275/40ZR17.


Jim's a trained painter, but when it came to actually lay down the modern finish, he bestowed the job upon Michael McLin from The Restomod Store in Independence, MO. He applied a custom-blend pearlescent-blue with black SS stripes. The rest of the body remains absolutely stock down to the cowl-induction hood.

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The interior is absolutely stock—in fact the rear seat still wears the factory cover (the Strato buckets wear OPGI covers). Jim's friend, Comish, installed the '71 Camaro LT steering wheel in 1984. Curt installed the American Autowire/Factory Fit replacement harness. Morris Classic Concepts makes the retractable three-point belts

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