Philisn Story

The story begins from the one we call Philisn Star. Philisns are a kind of alien who pursue perfection. They are excited about space vehicles and keen on washing their rides to maintain an extremely glossy look. One day, they found Earth and felt fascinated with the vehicles on this planet such as cars, motorcycle, which are such amazing creations by human beings. Taking with their unique magic space vehicle shampoo from Philisn Star, when Philisns arrived on Earth they began to help people wash their cars to reveal a special shine. That is the origin of Philisn car wash shampoo.

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Who We Are
Our Passion & Lifestyle

Based in Seattle, we are a group of crazy chemists who get together because of the love for car culture. We are especially wild about hyper cars, JDM cars, auto tuning and car polishing. Driven by our passion for cars, we are confident and guarantee this: if you apply our professional chemical technology auto detailing products, it will improve the convenience and quality of car caring and make every car in the world shine more brilliantly. Just one quick spray and simple swipe and your car will get intensely radiant. Therefore, Philisn Star was created, which represents an avant-garde and geek culture of auto detailing as well as a premium lifestyle. Also, each of our car care products symbolize a superhero of Philisn Star who is protecting your cars. The future is coming.

Why We Do This
Our Technology & Innovation

We specialize in the highest quality car care chemicals where perfection is always the pursuit of Philisn. It has been seen that most current car wash products on the market have existing problems such as harming the car’s paintwork, interiors, and even causing skin irritation. So, we decided to make a breakthrough to resolve these problems ultimately. After conducting a 2-year long research & experiment in the cooperated lab in Massachusetts, we took the utilization of synthetic polymer chemical technology originally used in the field of cellulose surfactants to create the Philisn Series, which is known to offer quality and dependable auto detailing supplies to our fans. It not only achieves excellent clean and shine, but is also environmentally friendly and infused with our skin care formula. It is a remarkable evolution more than just an innovation. 

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